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1690 AM covering Northern California

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Award Winner of The First International Festival
of Russian Radio Stations, Moscow 2009

Once again we were the pioneers in Russian radio here in Sacramento. It is obvious that normal “rating systems” do not work in evaluating the stations or individual shows.

From the beginning, in creating our radio division we wanted to secure leased radio time at maximum exposure periods. Today we are proud that when it comes to traditional morning and evening drive times our two AM stations (1430AM, 98.1 FM in Sacramento region, 1690AM in Northern California) have the coverage that we desired.

It is very common for the first few generations of immigrants that one’s “native language” is used almost exclusively in the home, their place of worship, medical practices, and immigrant owned companies. As we stated before; simple translation just doesn’t get the “real meaning and feeling” of the message across. Especially today when there is news everyday from areas of the former Soviet Union that affects many of the lives of the new immigrant and families here in Sacramento.

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