5 Great marketing trends for Sacramento in 2019

1.As the regular print advertisement is still in demand, and the local radio works great for many businesses, more and more people in Sacramento are looking for the products and services online. Most of the people are using their mobile devices nowadays to surf the web and to be able to find what they need. So we should take a better look how we can use websites, connect our online businesses and stores with online platforms, global marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon and others. The use of online marketing tools that reach to our clients and customers while they are using their computers and phones will dramatically help us generate revenue in 2018. 2.Social Media Marketing is one of the BTL (below the line) marketing means that kindly presents to you a product or a service you might be interested in, while you are not actively looking for it. Most of us surf though Facebook, Instagram, YouTube videos, Pinterest when we are in a relaxed “mode” and seeing a sponsored ad in the timeline – especially a creative one – leaves a slight impression in our minds and hearts. Seeing something for 6-7 times in different settings makes you feel as if you know the company, product or service, and when needed – you are ready to give it a try. If you are not using social media to market your business –You should definitely plan on it in 2018. 3.Many would agree that we don’t like Spam emails. We throw them away as we throw all the marketing mail in a recycle bin. But we always go through the most of the emails and if something is important and is bringing some values to us – we pause. Creating a thoughtful Email Marketing strategy that helps your customers and clients to make a positive decision towards your product or service is a proven marketing trend for businesses in Sacramento in 2018. It’s also considered to be one of the inexpensive marketing tools you can’t afford to miss. 4.As we have one of the most diverse communities here in Sacramento we find it very practical to use focused local advertising to the specific groups of people using “their language”. One of the common business expressions says, Think globally, but Act locally! 80/20 strategies where you focus mostly on local market, but always making an effort to expand will make your business stable and growing proves to be a reliable trend that will stay true in Sacramento in the year 2018. 5.As we seek for ways to find new local Sacramento clients and customers in 2018, we are to determine what they really need and find the best solution for them. Instead of just putting an advertisement and be hopeful that they will just come – a great option is to create a great customer experience for your clients and customers. As you plan some creative time with your marketing manager or a business consultant and create detailed structured customer experience strategy that will help you to guide your potential clients from the first time they hear about you to a good deal, as well as lead them to become your loyal friends for years to come.