«YARMARKA» is a traditional Slavic festival, originated in the 19th Century. From a simple marketplace event, it evolved into an elaborate festival with musicians, dancers and artistsperforming in the town square surrounded by local merchants’ market stalls. Yarmarka festival in Sacramento, California is being presented by local organizations for the benefit of our community. The hope is to bring back some of this festive spirit with concerts and displays by local businesses. This is a wonderful opportunity for Russian speaking immigrants to celebrate their culture – and for Americans to enjoy learning about other traditions. The all-day event will feature a number of bands and folk solo performers in three separate concerts, a circus performance, entertainment and games for children, picnics, food, arts and crafts booths, souvenirs and products from local merchants, sports events, and much more.

Next festival will be held:

Date: May 18, 2019, 12 – 7pm.

Location: Downtown Sacramento, South side Park

(2115 6th Street near U Street).

  • Number of participants &/or spectators
  • 100 businesses, dozens of performers &10,000 +

The event is listed/advertised in major local
newspapers, Radio, TV and on-line resources