Afisha Russian Advertising Agency

4555 Auburn Blvd., Ste J Sacramento, CA 95841 Tel.: (916) 487-9701 Fax: (916) 487-9700Afisha Russian Advertising Agency Since 1993 we have been the leading “Full-Service” marketing agency for the Slavic Community of Northern California. As the community has grown, over 150,000 + today, we have expanded our services to include: radio, cable television, print, and live events. We customize advertising campaigns balancing the “right” mix of media, print, and direct mail to achieve the desired results of our clients. Our philosophy is quite simple. Get us involved from the beginning. The market we serve is obviously very unique. Successful advertising is a lot more than just translating “standard” English ads into Russian. The cultural diversity dictates a completely different approach to copy let alone the “feeling” of the message that is presented. Our creative department has evolved from a department of one to now four professionals with marketing/advertising experience in both Russia and the United States. Whether it is a 30 second spot or printed literature we can handle the project from initial conception through final production and delivery. Like most other immigrant communities there is variety within this group of people themselves. Regional, educational, and religious differences exist. Proper placement, frequency, and diversity of the campaign are handled once again on an individual basis to maximize results. Our sources include, but not limited to: Afisha Magazine (bi-weekly) The Diaspora Newspaper (bi- weekly) The Evening Sacramento (weekly): Radio Cable TV


Once again we were the pioneers in Russian radio here in Sacramento. It is obvious that normal “rating systems’ do not work in evaluating the stations or individual shows. In our opinion Russian radio stations, similar to Hispanic stations, are in the horizon but not yet. From the beginning in creating our radio division we wanted to secure leased radio time at maximum exposure periods. Today we are proud that when it comes to traditional morning drive, mid-day and evening drive times our three AM stations (1430AM, 1690AM) have the coverage that we desired. It is very common for the first few generations of immigrants that one’s “native language” is used almost exclusively in the home, their place of worship, medical practices, and immigrant owned companies. As we stated before; simple translation just doesn’t get the “real meaning and feeling” of the message across. Especially today when there is news everyday from areas of the former Soviet Union that affect many of the lives of the new immigrant and families here in Sacramento. PRINT MEDIA


Our flagship publication (established 1993) has grown from 24 pages to its current average issue size of 144 pages. AFISHA is the leading Russian/Slavic print advertising medium with distribution of over 9 thousand (Bi-Weekly). As the community has grown in population and diversity our commitment to our advertisers has changed too. The overall design, print quality and options are second to none in the Russian/Slavic community. Add to that a proven distribution network that has been maintained and expanded since 1994. We are proud of the fact that many of our advertisers both Russian owned and American owned have been with us since our conception. A partial list of “long term” advertisers is included for your review. We are glad to provide contact people and telephone numbers if needed. The circulation of each publication ranges from 8,000 – 10,000 issues (depending on the season, Holidays, etc.) The publications are distributed free of charge Target audience: Slavic Community in Northern California (150,000 in Greater Sacramento Area); The publications are being delivered to various social organization, stores, churches, Slavic organizations etc.



The first professional newspaper (Bi-monthly) that combines local Russian/Slavic news along with important Sacramento news. Since 1998 this beautifully designed 40 page medium has increased in distribution to over 8000 per issue. Only one of its kind published in Sacramento, each issue of our newspaper has a special story featured on the cover. Diaspora Newspaper features in-depth (and not so in-depth) articles on various topics related to lifestyle, health, food, travel, biographies, fashion and entertainment. The articles expose our readers to the latest, hottest, and most sophisticated scenes around the world today. The circulation of each publication ranges from 8,000 – 10,000 issues (depending on the season, Holidays, etc.) The publications are distributed free of charge Target audience: Slavic Community in Northern California (150,000 in Greater Sacramento Area); The publications are being delivered to various social organization, stores, churches, Slavic organizations etc.


A weekly entertainment newspaper that informs the community about all the events in the city and Northern California. Concerts, parties, fund raisers, school and church activities and more. With a current weekly distribution of 4000 and growing we anticipate The Evening Sacramento to continue to be an overwhelming success. Between our three publications we are confident that we have the right “print medium” for all businesses seeking to reach the local Russian/Slavic community. We are very creative in creating diverse print campaigns utilizing all three publications. Advertisers are surprised at how cost effective this type of campaign can be on its own or in combination with local radio and TV ad campaigns. AFISHA TV As with radio there are no hard indicators of viewer ship numbers to compare or purchase advertising in a traditional way. Afisha TV programs are broadcast on KBTV: Channel 8/Comcast Channel 238. KBTV reaches three designated market areas: the Sacramento, Fresno and Chico. Our over the air signal on channel 8 covers the cities of Sacramento, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova and many others. The station’s cable penetration is 397,170 homes covering Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Lodi, Yuba City, Chico, Fresno, Merced and many other locales in the greater Central Valley of California. Commercial advertisement and Sponsorships are acceptable and when used in conjunction with our other media outlets are very effective. Once again we have chosen the times and varied our programming to maximize viewer ship. We have found that “educational” messages can be very effective and at the same time promote an individual business or industry. An example would be a segment of a show describing the importance of reliable car insurance. We would bring in a person from the insurance industry for this segment and obviously he or she would receive exposure. Prime-time daily: Mon – Fr: 8pm-10pm Sat – Sun: 9pm-10pm


Today, North America is home to over 5 million Ethnic Russians, with 150 thousand residing in the Greater Sacramento area. It’s interesting to note that today Sacramento has the biggest Slavic immigrant community in the world! All indicators show that this is one of the most affluent and rapidly growing ethnic markets in the country. Ethnic Russian immigrants are relentless about rebuilding their lives to a higher standard then the one they led in the country of origin. As a result many of these immigrants have attained a high degree of success in their respective fields: medical, legal, business, research, computer programming, real estate and manufacturing. As a market it is a great, virtually unexplored consumer base, which is craving for new trends and products. As per statistics, marketing driven sales in the Russian ethnic communities have proven to show greater results than any other ethnic group. Millions of dollars are invested annually in to the advertising on the Ethnic Russian Market and here are some of the reasons why: Median Income for an Ethnic Russian Family in Sacramento is $47,000, while the Median income of general Sacramento resident is $38,866. Facts: • 40% of the market is 35 to 54 years old • 84% have either cable or dish television • 82% of those under 65 years of age and lived in America for longer then 9 years are employed • 72% have computers at home and 53% use the Internet on regular basis • 75% have internet connection at home • 83% have mobile phones