Print Publications

Afisha’s printed materials play a pivotal role in providing essential information for the community’s adaptation and integration into American life, healthcare, social services, and government resources.

What’s truly noteworthy is that Afisha boasts a long-standing tradition of having advertisers, both from multicultural and American backgrounds, who have remained loyal since the magazine’s and newspaper’s inception.

monthly publication

Afisha Magazine

Our monthly flagship publication provides a valuable source of information that is vital for the community’s adaptation and integration into American lifestyle, healthcare, social and government services. Within Afisha Magazine, you’ll find a comprehensive repository of essential information, from promising job opportunities to convenient rental listings, we’ve got you covered. We take immense pride in our longstanding relationships with a diverse array of advertisers, both Multicultural-owned and American-owned businesses. They’ve been a part of our community since our inception, contributing to the richness and diversity that Afisha Magazine stands for.

weekly publication

Diaspora Community Newspaper

Diaspora Newspaper has been the premier voice in the Ethnic community since its establishment in 1998. Over the years, it has evolved into much more than just a newspaper.

Today, Diaspora Newspaper stands as a prominent and trusted platform dedicated to inspiring, sharing ideas, and providing valuable strategies for self-motivated immigrants, business owners, and solopreneurs navigating the complexities of the modern economy.